Mehndi Event Decor

Mehndi Stages & Decor

One of the most visually pleasing elements of your day, we can organise decor for a traditional mehndi ceremony or something a little more extravagant! We specialise in Mehndi decor in London and throughout the UK.

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘mendhikā’, mehndi (or ‘henna’) is the art form of applying beautiful ink designs to the hands of a bride on her wedding day.

According to Hindu tradition, the mehndi ceremony is usually held at the bride’s house on the eve of the marriage ceremony or a few days before the marriage. Generally the bride and groom attend the event together and a professional mehndi artist or a relative applies mehndi to the bride’s hands and feet. The designs are incredibly intricate and, rather romantically, the name or initials of the groom are often woven into the mehndi pattern.

The mehndi ceremony is a gorgeous showcase of old customs and ancient rituals. It signifies the strength and power of love through marriage and is considered a lucky omen for the bride-to-be. It is even said that the longer the bride retains the mehndi, the more auspicious her future.

We offer a wonderful range of mehndi stages and decor options across London and the UK. Classic mehndi stages are often preferred but we can of course provide the popular Moroccan & Arabic stages and decor as well. The stage (or baithak) where the bride is seated is usually decorated in mehndi colours although a more modern colour scheme (dark pinks, oranges, greens and blues) can be arranged. We can also source decor such as mehndi plates, centerpieces for the tables, personalised mehndi gift bags for your guests and a even a DJ to make the evening go with a swing.

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