Wedding Decor

Indian and Asian Wedding Decor

Now your Indian or Asian wedding can really start! Lighting, wedding chairs, props, centrepieces, themed décor…we do it all, decorating throughout London and the rest of the UK.

Flowers & Centrepieces 

Flower decor for Asian & Indian weddings are as important to your wedding as the dress or the venue. Timmy (one of our founders who writes regularly for Asiana wedding magazine on decor and trends) is a certified floral designer and therefore more than qualified to walk you through your options. An exceptionally talented artist, she is inspired by internationally acclaimed florists and can whip you up almost any design or theme you can think of. We can arrange centrepieces, corsages, bouquets and much, much more.

We recommend an appointment with our floral experts to discuss themes, colours, budgetary limits and preferences.

Table Decor

Elegant top table decor is the focal point for any Asian or Indian wedding. Be it a small, intimate table with simple flower arrangements or a large, lavish, bedecked banquet table with a backdrop, we can help you decide what decor is best for your Asian or Indian wedding. We also love a good guestbook table, it’s something a lot of our clients ask for. Decorating it properly is a must as you don’t want guests to miss it, so we make sure it’s clearly signposted (perhaps with a picture of the happy couple) or festooned with flowers and candles. You can even go super modern and have an iPad on the table and get people to record video messages for you on your big day! We’re full of fantastic ideas so just ask and we’ll brainstorm something that suits you perfectly.


Great lighting is key to making a standout wedding or event. Lighting is one of the key services we offer to clients for their main events. Our lighting experts come from a live entertainment & on-stage background who’ll add that touch of class to make your event or Asian or Indian wedding decor nothing but a show-stopping spectacle.

Set Design & Event Styling

From a winter wonderland theme to a regal ball, our experts will design a themed event to add that wow factor as your guests enter your venue. We hold an array of props, furniture, draping and heaps of creative passion to create the story you want to tell. No matter where in London or the UK you are, we can turn your vision into a reality and challenge the norm.


Marquees are a popular choice: they bring a dash of effortless elegance. Naturally, we can find you a marquee of any size or shape and fill it with suitable (or even customised) tables and chairs. All it takes is the right decor and we love a marquee because it gives you a blank canvas to work with.

House Decor

Gorgeous flowers, spectacular marquees and bespoke decorations can help get a house ready for a wedding. When it comes to balloons, we’re all for them in small, tasteful doses – you just need to pair them with lots of ribbon and flowers to avoid that ‘children’s birthday party’ vibe and the pearlesque variety is always gorgeous for a wedding. We’ll combine the intimacy of your family home with the gravitas of the nuptials to strike a balance between personal and elegant.

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